N.B., formally known as Nick Bard, is an American alternative Hip-Hop and R&B artist currently from Richmond, Virginia. Known for a unique sound, N.B. writes, records, and mixes all of his own material. The production comes elsewhere, but the artist stated that he is “very particular" when it comes to choosing the right producer and instrumental to suit the intended vibe. N.B. has the same approach when it comes to his lyrics and the entire recording process, taking the meaning of independent artist to a whole new level.
Born on August 11th, 1995, in the surrounding areas of Rochester, New York, N.B. was exposed to all kinds of music growing up but took a special liking to genres pertaining to the styles of Hip-Hop and R&B. When asked about some of his early influences, he mentioned that the very first album he ever listened to from start to finish was “The Eminem Show,” and that was at the age of five. The early to mid 2000s also had the artist nodding his head to 50Cent, Nelly, Usher, Ludacris, and many more. N.B. noted that his family struggled financially throughout the same years, and that music helped him cope through hard times and stay motivated as a young boy.
He first wrote lyrics at the age of nine, which at the time was only for fun. “One time my cousins and I had a written rap battle, and from what I recall it really wasn’t too bad considering how young I was”. The rapper also stated that sometimes he would write “bars” with his friends, and try and create hooks for songs. It wasn’t until later when N.B. developed a strong desire to ultimately create, and lyrically write his own songs from scratch. “It all started when I when I was 14,” he said, “I was in my bedroom playing video games, and all of the sudden I got this strong urge to write. So I went in the living room, popped in my headphones, pulled up YouTube and put on the ‘Ice Cream Paint Job’ instrumental by Dorrough and began writing to it. Next thing I knew I was at my friend Ely’s house recording a collaboration.” N.B. added that a few days after the song was finished and posted online, his phone was blowing up with positive feedback. “That’s when I knew that this is something I could turn from just a passion into a career as an artist.”
Throughout his high school years he continued to write and record songs, most of which were remixes to popular hits. At this time N.B. was heavily influenced by Lil Wayne, Drake, T.I., Future, Wiz Khalifa, and Kanye West to name a few. Shortly before graduating, N.B. participated in the high school talent show in April, 2013, to test his skills on stage. He placed 3rd. That summer N.B. decided to move to Richmond, Virginia. There was a three year gap where he took a break from recording for various reasons. Work, school, failure and growth all occurred within that timeframe. “What I really had my eye on the whole time was purchasing my own recording equipment. I had to save up and when the day came where I was finally able to make the purchase, it was probably one of the happiest days of my life,” he inquired. From that point on it’s been nothing but history, but the journey is far from over. Some of N.B.’s most recent works was the mixtape “Stairways” which was officially released on Soundcloud spring of 2017, and his EP “Tunnel Vision,” which was released in December, also in 2017. You can find many hot singles in between both releases that caught the attention of the underground hip-hop community. As far as the future is concerned for N.B., the sky is the limit.

N. B